Vacuum Attachment Shelf

This one started out with these two boards and a rough plan to practice my sawing skills by building a box frame. I didn’t take too many in progress pics so a lot happens in between each photo.

First start by sawing them in half.

Both boards cut in half. Dovetail pins and tails marked and partially cut out.

Pictures of the joinery up close. You can see some gaps, but overall I was pretty satisfied with the joinery and a bit of this can be cleaned up by filling the gaps with glue and sawdust.

A few coats of danish oil and most of those gaps are hard to see now.

Here it is holding vacuum cleaner attachments. When I started this project I didn’t know how good it would turn out so I was working on something utilitarian that would hide in a closet and not see the light of day in the event it was hideous. Instead it is a hidden treasure holding cleaning utensils.